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My gallery consists mostly of fanart. Mostly crackish and weird fanart.
All of my Soul Eater comics have been moved to storage. More information about it here:…




United States
Hi, I’m Z-Raid. I draw a lot of fanart and stupid shit. Welcome to my dA gallery.

Art Requests: Closed
Art Trade: Closed
Comissions: Closed

Rules about my art
- Do no repost my art without my permission
- Permission is needed in order to do anything with my art (e.g. coloring in my sketches, making line art for my sketches, using my art as a reference etc.)
- If you want to ask me permission for to do something with my art (e.g. share, color in sketch, etc.) please send me a note
- Anything in the Line Art folder of my gallery is free to color without asking for permission first*
*Please credit me for the line art and link back to the line art

Thank you for visiting my dA.

Find me on other sites:
I'm re-opening commissions for the holiday season!

Commissions by Z-Raid

Additional Information:

  • I accept Paypal only (Paypal address:
  • Commissions must be paid in full before I start working on it
  • I will have 5 slots open for commissions
  • Multiple commissions can be ordered as long as there’s a slot available
  • Turnover rate is about 1 week
  • I reserve a right to decline a commission order based on subject matter/content
  • I will not accept R-18/NSFW commission orders
  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission in case of unforeseen circumstances. If a payment was made there will be a full refund
  • I retain rights to the use of the commissioned image, such as using it as an example for a future commission post
  • I will do minor changes to a finished commission piece for free, but any major changes will require monetary payment
  • Once an order has been submitted no changes can be made to the specifics of the order
  • The commissioner will get the full-size, high resolution image of the commissioned work (I will need an email to send the image) while I will post a shrunken down, low resolution version of the commissioned work on my various art sites

If you are interested in ordering a commission piece from me, send me a message through a note on dA or through an email at If I respond to your message, you have a commission slot reserved. If not, try again another time and maybe a slot will be open then!

This page and the journal I will make about commissions will be updated periodically for any changes in the commission slots.

Commission slots:


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twilitprincess Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist
Your Ghirahim comics are just TOO CUTE! They made my day okay. And give me a ticket for the Ghirafi ship cause I'm ready to sail it into the sunset. :) Keep up the good work!
Inferno-Zone Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok i remember i used still do actually to love your Soul eater comics and now you're drawing Zelda? nice
gjenniferx Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG your comics are too great!! And I love how you draw Ghirahim!
Ynot7 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015
Hi, there, I just thought I'd say that I think you're a dick for wanting Crona to get killed in the manga. You treat it like he was just bullied as a child and is taking it out on the rest of the world, but there's waaaaay more to it than that.

Crona wasn't just treated badly, he was systematically broken, isolated from the world, and raised without any real sense of what empathy or right and wrong are. 

You can't condemn someone for doing evil, when they don't even know what evil is. If you'd been raised like Crona, you probably would've done the same things (if not worse). :P
RecklessCuddleBunny Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday! I love you're artwork <3 have a wonderful birthday Z ily
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