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My gallery consists mostly of stupid and weird fanart.
All of my Soul Eater comics have been moved to storage. More information about it here:…




United States
Hi, I’m Z-Raid. I draw a lot of fanart and stupid shit. Welcome to my dA gallery.

Art Requests: Closed
Art Trade: Closed
Comissions: Closed

Rules about my art
- Do no repost my art without my permission
- Permission is needed in order to do anything with my art (e.g. coloring in my sketches, making line art for my sketches, using my art as a reference etc.)
- If you want to ask me permission for to do something with my art (e.g. share, color in sketch, etc.) please send me a note
- Anything in the Line Art folder of my gallery is free to color without asking for permission first*
*Please credit me for the line art and link back to the line art

Thank you for visiting my dA.

Find me on other sites:
Personal Tumblr
Art Blog Tumblr
Commissions by Z-Raid

Like my art? You can pay me to draw you shit!


  • I accept Paypal only (Paypal address:
  • Commissions must be paid in full before I start working on it
  • I will have 5 slots open for commissions
  • My turnover rate is about 1 week
  • Multiple commissions can be ordered as long as there’s a slot available
  • I reserve a right to decline a commission order based on subject matter/content
  • will accept R-18/NSFW commissions! For now, I only accept sketch only nsfw commissions.
  • You MUST be 18 years or older in order to commission a nsfw commission from me.
  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission in case of unforeseen circumstances. If a payment was made there will be a full refund
  • I retain rights to the use of the commissioned image, such as using it as an example for a future commission post
  • I will do minor changes to a finished commission piece for free, but any major changes will require monetary payment
  • Once an order has been submitted no changes can be made to the specifics of the order
  • The commissioner will get the full-size, high resolution image of the commissioned work (I will need an email to send the image) while I will post a shrunken down, low resolution version of the commissioned work on my various art sites


I am by no means a professional comic artist, but hey, some people like my comics so I figured it would be a nice option.

There is no set price for a comic page. However, a myriad of factors will have an influence on the price (Do you want a simple sketch comic? Color? Line art? Shading? Do I have to make up a script or will there be one provided? Etc.) So tell me what you want and I’ll give you a price estimate for the commission. Remember, comics aren’t easy to draw, so they’re not gonna be cheap!

Some example of comics with various costs: $30, $45, $55

If you are interested in ordering a commission piece from me, send me a message to my email (it helps to alert me that you sent me an email through a note. If I respond to your message, you have a commission slot reserved. If not, try again another time and maybe a slot will be open then!

This page will be updated periodically for any changes in the commission slots.

Commission slots:

1. SirTiramisu

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PurplePeterPan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
where you been all my life?? Your gallery is incredible!
Jasmineteax Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015  Student
Hey, it's you! I usually see your art coming up on my tumblr dash almost all the time.
Well, now that I've found you, might as well watch you! :D
watermelonpower Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooommggg I finally found you :D I saw your art on Google and I thought I'll never fond you! But I did!! Wgjdifkdjdhehd I just love your art omg! Xoxoxi
Meow-meow-Neko Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhhhhh I totally love your tumblr and all your ghirafi stuff!!!

I don't usually fanmail! But I totally die if I don't do it to you!! I totally love your art, and fics.... I also made a fic about those two beeing together before the events of skyward sword and your art can totally make my fics come true in a certain way :DD
I wished I could portrait them as well as you do <3 *u*

omg I am so sorry! Love youuu :DD
bleedinglilacs Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, you really ship ghirafi, don't you...?

that's ok, me too UwU
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